“I highly recommend Jim Gilbert, President of Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc., for his expert knowledge and “roll-up-your-sleeves” marketing ability! In May 2013, I hired Jim as marketing consultant to assist with the business turnaround of a wellness and weight loss program I directed. Jim quickly gained in-depth understanding of the situation, both from the business side and the customer perspective. With his knowledge of marketing and direct marketing, we worked together over six months toward the goal of increasing enrollments and revenue.

Our success was quickly apparent as enrollments increased 56% during the first four months of FY14 (July-Oct) compared to the same period of FY13, and revenue increased by 32%.

Thanks to Jim the wellness and weight loss program is currently meeting budget. Thanks so much, Jim!”

Rhoda Pappert, MBA, MHA, FACHE, Director of Operations, Duke Health and Wellness at Duke University Medical Center, 2014

“Jim does Great work! Highly recommend.” November 9, 2008

John Hambleton, Islandsurf.com

“Jim has actually taught me alot about direct marketing. His expertise crosses over several key channels and technology and I look to him as a mentor in these areas. Jim is a personable and compassionate professional who I consider an asset to my group of colleagues and just plain fun to hang with. I would recommend jim for any role in which hard work and total focus and dedication are required. Jim’s work ethic and execution are second to none!”

John Dorko, VP New Business Development at Wilen Direct, 2013

“Jim Gilbert has been instrumental in developing a Social Media Plan for Upfront Foods. Although he has been on-board less than 2 months, we’ve seen our Upfront Foods’ Facebook Weekly Total Reach jump from 470 to 44,724 in one week from his strategy and direction. He’s great to work with and has a multitude of creative ideas and ways to engage prospective and present customers. We are so excited to have Jim, his easy going personality, his wit and of course, his exceptional marketing skills as part of the Upfront Foods team.”

May 23, 2012, Gigi Twist, Founder/President at Upfront Foods, LLC

Jim Gilbert is a marketing pro with extensive knowledge of direct mail, social media and all direct marketing channels.

As head of marketing at The Fresh Diet he set the tone of our communications and created a marketing campaign platform that helped to drive in revenue that sustained our goals of 100% growth per year.

He is the type of individual who can rapidly assess a company’s strengths and weaknesses and build a program to accentuate the positive. In my many discussions with Jim in the year I worked with him, I believe Jim to be honest, realistic, and sincere in his work.

Jim also believes strongly in the benefits that social media can bring to a company, while mindful that bad PR can quickly spread via the same channel.

Mr. Gilbert is intelligent, knowledgeable and current with the latest trends in his areas of expertise. He would be a welcome addition to most any organization. I personally hope that we may work together again in the future”

 Richard Silverman Former CFO, The Fresh Diet 2011

“I met Jim when working as the Creative Director at The DeSantis Collection. Jim is a direct marketing guru! He’s a dynamic, creative thinker and he’ll share his proven methods to achieve success. Not only does Jim excel in all areas of direct marketing, he knows exactly how to achieve the best results through your creative efforts too. Working with Jim gave me an excellent education in real world, cost effective direct marketing. I highly recommend Jim if your ready to bring in the business.   Jim will provide you with as much ROI as you can handle.” October 2, 2007″

Michelle Constantine Wiarda, Creative Director, DeSantis Collection/ Hassler Consortium

“Jim is a diligent, loyal and hard-working employee who thinks out of the box and is a true pleasure to work with.” September 28, 2007

Marci Zaroff, Founder/President, Under the Canopy

When I first met Jim he brought his extensive portfolio of Direct Mail pieces, catalogues, inquiry conversion packages and more skillfully demonstrated his skill set v. just talking about it. I was extremely impressed and hired him immediately. Jim is a passionate believer and a strong professional. He is creative in spirit, but stays firmly rooted in the world of ROI. He is able to plan strategically and adjust direction accordingly to meet with changes in the market. Over the time that we have worked together Jim has helped us to better understand our customers in detail without spending a single dime. He has developed creative campaigns online and offline to capture the attention of our prospects and increase their propensity to convert to sales from concept through initial layout. He is very hands on and has a great deal of ownership for his work. His broad understanding of and connections within the direct marketing world that have made him a terrific asset to the eDiets team. I would enthusiastically recommend Jim Gilbert as a direct marketer and professional.” October 18, 2008

Kim Evenson, SVP, eDiets.com, Inc.

Jim’ greatest quality is his ability to work well with others. He is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable about what he does. I enjoy working with Jim and I’ve learned a great deal from him. I can honestly say that he is one of my favorite people to work with and I would highly recommend him as a valuable asset to any organization.” October 17, 2008

Ron Noel, Sr Web designer, eDiets.com, Inc.

“Jim can be relied upon for delivering expert advice columns for Catalog Success’ Web site each week. He is well liked by our readers, knows his stuff well, offers very valuable advice to catalogers and has a good pulse on the business overall. I’d recommend him for any sort of catalog/multichannel work across all departments.” October 12, 2007

Paul Miller, Editor in Chief, NAPCO, Catalog Success Magazine

“Jim is a detail oriented List Manager and marketer who gets results. His knowledge of direct mail and catalog marketing and his analytical ability and negotiating skills are exceptional. At DeSantis Collection, for the period that Jim managed our lists, he increased business 11% over the previous quarter. Jim was well liked at DeSantis and when he left to pursue other opportunities, we were sad to see him go.” September 28, 2007

Lauren Devine, Production Manager, The Desantis Collection/Hassler Consortium

“As I have collaborated with Jim closely over the last decade or so, have came to realize that his analysis is always right on the money and the creative process to get there has been a fun ride! Always look forward to working with Jim on any project.” October 12, 2007

Keith Clark, President, CC Group, Inc.

“Jim Gilbert was a teacher of Direct/Electronic Marketing at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design. He taught a class of about 10 girls, which is not an easy task; especially to keep our attention. However, Mr. Gilbert did a great job of explaining how direct/electronic marketing works in our field (fashion). He showed us what his career consisted of as well as give us an opportunity to show people in the field what we learned (at the end of the quarter).  Overall, Mr. Gilbert knows this business (from what I learned and absorbed in his class) inside out.” September 2008

Nicole Moya, Student, Miami International University


“Dear Professor Gilbert, first of all I want to thank you not only for teaching us some of the most important tools necessary to succeed in this industry, but also for taking the time to explain to us how to apply those tools to different scenarios… You really shared your passion and knowledge with us more than a teacher you are a mentor, and because of it I feel I am a better professional today.  Thank you.”

Maria Salcino, Former Student

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. markkolier says:

    Hey Jim – saw your post on Linkedin and had been thinking the same thing on my blog in terms of getting more link backs and traffic. Looks like you have some good content. I see that you know Ruth Stevens and Lee Marc Stein and you had a stint with eDiets (so did we as a provider but that ended several years ago).

    Commenting around on other blogs you find interesting is a good way to grow traffic.

    I will keep an eye.

    Mark Kolier/CGSM

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