BERNHART SURVEY: Digital & direct marketing employment outlook shows improvement for 4th quarter 2009


30% Plan to Hire in Q4 While 45% Plan to Freeze Hiring

Owatonna, MN, October 13, 2009 –With the drumbeat of layoffs diminishing only faintly, the latest Bernhart Associates Quarterly Digital and Direct Marketing Employment Report shows digital and direct marketers are poised in the current fourth quarter (Q4) to add to payrolls for the third consecutive quarter.

“Clearly, it remains a difficult job market in the digital and direct marketing industry, but the overall trend is definitely moving in an encouraging, positive direction,” said Jerry Bernhart, Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, a leading digital and direct marketing recruiter who has been issuing quarterly direct marketing employment reports since 2001.

With 352 companies responding to a survey that was in the field from September 28 through October 12, here are the key findings: Continue reading

Bernhart Survey Reveals New Data On Direct Marketing Unemployment

Note from Jim. Here is a grim look at the realities of employment in the direct marketing industry – From a survey done by Bernhart Associates.  In a nutshell, what this survey doesn’t state is simple…. If you are employed in this economy, do everything you can to stay employed.  Work harder, longer, smarter, get “win’s” on the board and in general make your self indispensable!

Furthermore, do everything you can to build your network of contacts in case you should find yourself unemployed.  Remember, building your personal rolodex is just as important as being exceptional at your job!

Bernhart Survey Reveals New Data On Direct Marketing Unemployment

If you’re a recently unemployed direct marketer, you’ll be interested in a new study that shows for the first time how long other jobless DM’ers have been looking for work and how direct marketing compares with the latest national figures on unemployment.

The innovative survey was conducted by Jerry Bernhart of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, a leading direct marketing executive recruiter who also issues widely followed quarterly employment updates.

“We wanted to get a sense for how long unemployed direct marketers have been looking for a job, and we also wanted to break that down by levels of compensation to determine how various salary levels compare,” said Bernhart. “Finally, we wanted to compare unemployment duration in direct marketing with the overall U.S. economy.” Continue reading

5 Pointers for Out-of-Work Direct Marketers (or ones who just want to hedge their bets)

Note from Jim: Originally published in All About ROI Magazine (formerly Catalog Success) Filling my virtual shoes this week while I’m on vacation is Jerry Bernhart, president of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, and author of the Direct Marketing Employment Outlook Survey.

For those of you actively looking for employment, let me offer a few things you can do to help you get that extra edge. This may not all be new to you, but these key points are worth repeating.

1. Make sure your resume screams, “I can add value!” I still see way too many resumes that are long on titles and descriptions, but short on specific accomplishments and achievements. That always amazes me. Metrics are an integral part of the direct marketing process, yet many marketers’ resumes often neglect to include what really matters most — quantifiable results. If you don’t brag on your resume, no one else is going to do it for you.

Be very specific, quantify where possible and use some choice action verbs to describe what you achieved. Companies have already taken steps to slash costs, so think more about what you’ve done to contribute to revenue growth, such as acquiring and keeping new customers; new products; new market segments; how you’ve helped improve recency, frequency and monetary value; and so on. Don’t forget to make your resume keyword-friendly. Use terms that are specific to your job or career objectives, and use them often. Continue reading

Press release helping direct marketing job seekers – Bernhart Associates Launches New Twitter Group for Direct Marketing Job Seekers

PRESS RELEASE, For Immediate Release July 27, 2009

Contact: Jerry Bernhart 507-451-4270 Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC

Bernhart Associates Launches New Twitter Group for Direct Marketing Job Seekers

Owatonna, MN, July 27, 2009- Direct marketing job seekers will soon have a new on-line tool to help with their job search.

Veteran direct marketing recruiter Jerry Bernhart will be moderating a new first-of-its-kind chat session on Twitter focusing specifically on all aspects of jobs and hiring in direct marketing.

“There are online communities for just about every subject you can imagine,” said Jerry Bernhart, owner of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC, who is also well known in direct marketing for his quarterly employment reports. “This is a natural extension of the use of social media to help those who are looking for their next career opportunity in direct marketing, including ecommerce and emarketing.”

Bernhart said the new forum will use Tweetchat, allowing messages to be posted and read by participants in a matter of seconds. “It’s kind of like texting but a whole lot faster and easier,” said Bernhart. “It also allows quick and easy sharing of links.”

“It will be an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and get advice on
lots of topics, including job leads, resume preparation, interviewing tips, salaries, finding candidates, job offers, counteroffers, job descriptions, sources of hire, anything topic at all related to hiring and jobs at all levels in online or offline direct marketing,” said Bernhart.

Participants can choose their level of participation, jumping in and out of the discussion whenever there’s something of interest being discussed or to share their own expertise and experiences.

Employers are also invited to put up tweets on positions they are looking to fill.

The first direct marketing careers Tweetchat event will take place Sunday, August 2nd, at 8 pm Eastern time. Subsequent Tweetchats will be announced on the website of Bernhart Associates and through announcements on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

To participate, go to, sign-in with your Twitter account, and enter #DMCareers in the “Hashtag to follow” box. Bernhart explains that once you’re in the group there is no need to use the hashtag again because Tweetchat automatically applies it to each message, saving you the bother of typing it in each time you want to post. Bernhart adds that if you want to monitor the discussion but you won’t be home at the time, no worries. Tweetchat works on your mobile phone, too.