About Jim & Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc.

About Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc. and Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert has been creating direct marketing programs that drive superior ROI for over 30 years. Fluent in consumer or B-to-B, creative, operations and analytics, he marries the strategic and tactical sides of direct and social media marketing in a seamless fashion that gets results.

Mr. Gilbert is the CEO of a multi-discipline direct marketing agency focused on direct mail, catalogs, DRTV, telemarketing, print, alternative DM media and social media marketing.

Mr. Gilbert has been involved in startups, expansions and turnarounds, and is an expert at helping direct and ecommerce marketers grow to the “next level.”

He is a former Adjunct Professor, teaching Direct Marketing at Miami International University

Currently Jim Gilbert is the President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Direct Marketing Association.

Jim loves to talk direct marketing, and has been doing many lectures on direct and social media marketing in the last few years. Some recent lectures include:

  • The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing.
  • Networking in the 21st Century via LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  • 50 direct marketing tips in 50 minutes that will make you a superstar.
  • Your blog – The center of engagement and results.
  • Social Media Marketing – Welcome to the Customer-Centric World.

You can see Jim’s Presentations here.

A prolific author, Jim Gilbert writes a weekly column for All About ROI Magazine (http://www.allaboutROImag.com), and is a frequent contributor to eMarketing and Commerce Magazine.  His blog is the go to site for direct marketing news, how to articles and opinions.

Jim also runs three LinkedIn groups including Direct Marketing Questions & Answers and Social Media Marketing Questions & Answers.

Some notable companies Mr. Gilbert has worked with are:

  • Duke University Health Systems (DUHS)
  • The Fresh Diet
  • GlassesShop.com
  • eDiets.com
  • MDR Fitness Corp.
  • MyFavoritePetShop.com
  • Upfront Foods
  • Clientele Cosmetics
  • Tressallure (formerly Revlon) General Wig
  • Renaissance Health
  • Premier Solutions
  • Under The Canopy
  • The DeSantis Collection
  • MegaMotorMadness.com
  • ABhair.com

Contact information:

Jim can be reached at jim@gilbertdirectmarketing.com or by phone at 561-302-1719.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/gilbertdirect

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimwgilbert

2 thoughts on “About Jim & Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc.

  1. johnsondirect says:

    Hi Jim,

    Great direct marketing, in my opinion, should be simple. We tend to over complicate things, sometimes for good reasons, but when it’s all said and done, I have had the most success with the simple is better approach.

    Grant A. Johnson

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